Beijing urges better school military training

By Xu Keyue Source:Global Times Published: 2019/9/2 20:48:40

‘Timely,’ ‘necessary’ amid escalating Hong Kong riots: expert

Newly-enrolled students take part in a military training at Hengyang No. 3 High School in Hengyang County, central China's Hunan Province, August 29, 2018. Schools in China prepared many activities for students to greet the new semester after summer vacation. Photo: Xinhua

China's central authorities issued a notice to educational institutions, schools and military organs to strengthen military training and patriotic education among students this year amid escalating Hong Kong riots.

The Ministry of Education and three authorities under the Central Military Commission issued a notice, urging related institutions and schools to enhance military training for students this year, which is an important measure to increase national defense education, cultivate high-quality reserved forces and to build a strong army, the Xinhua News Agency reported Sunday. 

The notice said that military training for students should be innovative, including simulated training and interactive activities, and tactical and target training at military bases.

Education for patriotism, fighting spirit and accountability should be integrated into these activities, it said.  

Ahead of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China on October 1, many schools in China this year have strengthened patriotic education in military training.

For example, the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications organized field military training and a "flash squad" activity themed "the youth in the new era, motherland and I marching together" for 1,200 students on Saturday.

The notice requires armies to assign outstanding soldiers and officers to train students, who vowed to prevent illegal marketing in military training.

Previous reports said some schools have hired commercial organizations to conduct military training for students, which led to instructors beating up students.

China has set up military training and national defense education mechanisms in the country in elementary, middle schools and colleges. High schools and universities in China must conduct military training and offer national defense education courses, according to China's Military Service Law and National Defense Education Law.

The issuance of the notice is timely and necessary as riots in Hong Kong continue to escalate, said Li Daguang, a professor at the National Defense University of the People's Liberation Army.

Chinese schools should not only conduct military training but also daily   open courses to enhance students' love for the motherland and the military, Li told the Global Times on Monday.

"Improving teaching quality and innovating teaching methods for students to better understand national defense and patriotism are very important," Li said.

Many Chinese schools have enhanced patriotic education as the new school semester started on Sunday, especially those in South China's Guangdong Province, which is located next to Hong Kong. 

Shenzhen University held a national flag-raising ceremony with 30,000 teachers and students in attendance Monday morning. 

A hastag on Sina Weibo of a program called The First Lesson: Five-star red flag, I am proud of you of China Central Television, the state broadcaster, aired Sunday night has been viewed nearly 2 billion times as of press time.


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